Field Generated Content that allows retailers to advertise more authentically. Because local customers want local, unique experiences.

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Relevant, Authentic Advertising.

SendCap is a powerful advertising tool that leverages the simplicity of your mobile phone to create targeted ads across Facebook and Instagram.



Take a photo or a video of something you know customers would love. Your new window display, updated endcap, refreshed cash wrap. Get creative and have fun.



Choose from our elite custom preloaded personas, already optimized based on location, age, gender, interests and more. You don’t have to navigate the complexity.



Your images or videos go out to an elite audience group that is local and targeted to drive optimized consumers for your business using Facebook and Instagram. People near your store that are interested in the types of products you sell.

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Simple, Targeted Advertising.

You don’t need to be a digital marketing expert to run high-performing ads.

Easy to Test

SendCap is free to download on your mobile phone. You can set ad budgets a low as $5.

Cost Sharing

Message your brand contacts via SendCap and request them to contribute to your ad budget.

Reach the Right People

Choose from pre-loaded, easy-to-understand personas to reach the best local customers.

Minimal Time Commitment

Just snap, target and send. Your ads go out to a curated group of local customers across Facebook and Instagram.

Minimal Investment

Reach your customers for pennies. On average, you’ll pay 1 to 2 cents per impression.

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Brands come to life in-store.

The most impactful and memorable shopping experiences happen in the field.

SendCap is a powerful advertising tool that allows brands and retailers to easily extend the reach of their Instagram worthy showrooms by leveraging anyone in the field. With SendCap, anyone on the floor can drive local shoppers to visit the store with better, more authentic digital advertising that’s uniquely targeted to reach local consumers.

SendCap is for Anyone Looking to Promote Themselves, Business or Brands

With 80% of customers referencing their mobile phone during the shopping experience, SendCap turns the billions retail square footage into a massive opportunity to create uniquely targeted local ads that drive customers to buy

Store managers, ambassadors, and field marketing reps are a passionate group. The field is filled with uniquely amazing visual merchandising setups -- product shelves, endcaps and floorsets that create compelling local experiences. Experiences that should be shared to engage larger audiences.

  • Happy Customers
  • Stunning Stores
  • Compelling Promotions
  • New Product Launches
  • Emerging Trends

With SendCap, anyone can easily capture engaging experience that happens in-store to extend and optimize to social media to drive traffic and increase sales.

"Each store-based retailer has their own unique identity that takes style, design and personality into account. This identity continues to evolve throughout the weeks, months, years and must be embraced. That identify is the top reason why customers visit the store. SendCap is dedicated to extending that in-store experience to mobile, to help can draw the customer in."

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